What Does Population Health Mean for Public Health?

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James W. Buehler, MD

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Philadelphia Medicine Winter 2016 #ClippedOnIssuu

Buehler, J. W. (2016). Population and Public Health. Philadelphia Medicine(Winter), 6-8.


Dr. James W. Buehler’s research interests center on improving public health systems and services, especially the interface between public health and healthcare systems and the shared objective to advance population health.

During the final 18 months of the administration of Mayor Michael Nutter, Dr. Buehler served as the Health Commissioner for the City of Philadelphia, where he directed the Philadelphia Department of Public Health in achieving its mission “to protect and promote the health of all Philadelphians and to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable.”

Dr. Buehler's Forum presentation explained the population health objectives of the Affordable Care Act as well as discussed the ACA's requirements for non-profit hospitals. He also identified the key examples of how quality-of-care monitoring and reporting requirements within the federal program promote the "Meaningful Use" of electronic health records.

Presentation: 54:49

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