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Handbook, Guide or Manual

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Academic Year 2021/2022 edition of An Insider’s Guide to Study Space (Center City) Thomas Jefferson University.


The University provides a variety of study areas to accommodate the studying styles and needs of its students. These include areas for quiet/individual study, formal study by a group, and areas for informal study. The University is pleased to provide you with information on the most popular areas. Please cooperate in maintaining the distinctions between these areas by observing any restrictions, and please remove any trash when you leave an area.

Lobbies and open common areas in all buildings are available for study according to the building’s operational hours unless otherwise in use for events. For security purposes, students using general areas such as the lobby areas on 1st, 2nd and 4th Floors of Hamilton as study space must show their Jefferson ID, sign in at the Security Desk with their name and Campus Key, indicate in what area they will be studying, and sign out when they leave.