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March 2003


This article appeared in Disease Management, March 2003, Vol. 6, No. 1: 35-42. ( Deposited by permission; copyright retained by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.


The societal and economic impact of asthma is a well-documented phenomenon in this country. Despite improved knowledge and techniques of care, there have been signs of worsening morbidity/mortality and a seeming disconnect between physician and patients as regards communication of care strategies. In an attempt to fashion innovative educational strategies to enhance primary care physician (PCP) and caregiver efficiencies in improving patient outcomes (clinical and financial), the "Preceptor" model of one-to-one PCP/asthma specialist has been developed. Review of utilization and prescribing data demonstrates a clear pattern of statistically significant cost improvement in the aggregate care setting, as well as improved appropriateness of use of proper asthma medications. Use of the "Preceptor" model of PCP learning is an effective and unique way to enhance both caregiver knowledge and improved care efficiency in asthma management.



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