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Drosophila SLOWPOKE (SLO) is a voltage and calcium dependent, large conductance potassium channel important for action potential repolarization, neuronal excitability, neurotransmitter release, and hormone secretion. SLO binding protein (SLOB) binds to and modulates SLO activity. We have shown previously that modulation of SLO by SLOB has profound effects on SLO channel currents, synaptic transmisison, and metabolism. Multiple isoforms of SLOB exist and are encoded by multiple transcripts; the isoforms are named based on their predicted protein molecular weights, in kilodaltons. In the Drosophila brain, SLOB57/51 proteins are expressed especially prominently in insulin producing neurons of the pars intercerebralis, while SLOB71/65 proteins are enriched in the lateral neurons that participate in the generation of circadian rhythms. Here we sought to determine the transcription initiation sites in the slob gene and investigated promoter elements responsible for expression of the different slob transcripts.