Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Management (DMgt)

First Advisor

John Pourdehnad, PhD

Second Advisor

Larry M. Starr, PhD

Third Advisor

Thomas Guggino

Fourth Advisor

Kevin Desmond


The commercial property and casualty insurance industry play an essential role by providing critical strategic benefits to society and fueling the economy through risk transfer. The literature review concludes that the industry faces a looming talent crisis, and although the industry leaders are aware of the problem, there is no apparent strategy to address it. Therefore, ascertaining strategies to address the problem requires an understanding of the current state of the property and casualty system.

This study applied system thinking methodology and interactive planning method of intervention to understand how and why the system operates the way it currently does, opening areas of inquiry as to the system's sustainability if nothing changes. The result of the inquiry, a mess formulation, expands understanding of the complicated and complex environment confronting these stakeholders.

The study also utilized a non-experimental, qualitative, and quantitative approach, which is exploratory-descriptive and contextual. The data was collected through a survey that shared the mess formulation findings via a reference scenario and a pre-mortem. The survey collected data from the key stakeholders' participants regarding their perception of the scenario/premortem. The study further revealed that industry leaders agree with the mess formulation findings and recognize the significance of the problem; however, they are unsure how to resolve or dissolve the problem strategically. They are, however, willing to influence change. The overall study concludes that if nothing changes how the P&C system currently works, the business model is likely, not sustainable. The researcher provides recommendations for industry leaders and future researchers.


A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership