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Problem Statement

During the 2022 mpox outbreak, the CDC’s expanded access Investigational New Drug (IND) protocol created a practical barrier to the outpatient provision of tecovirimat. We rapidly implemented a tecovirimat prescription program for individuals infected with mpox to improves access to care.

Project AIM

Primary aim: describe how we rapidly implemented a program for increasing tecovirimat distribution in a metropolitan area.

Secondary aims: describe the patient population who received tecovirimat as treatment for mpox at our clinic and analyze several clinically relevant time intervals along the continuum of care delivery.

Publication Date



mpox, disparities, tecovirimat, investigational new drug, IND, outbreak, infectious disease


Infectious Disease | Medicine and Health Sciences


Presented at the 2023 Health Equity and Quality Improvement Summit.

Removing Barriers to Tecovirimat for Mpox-infected Individuals via Novel Models of Care Delivery