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The Interactive Curricula Experience (iCE) is an educational platform intended for interactive education utilizing multiple forms of media. It is being utilized at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) in various classes, among them Global Health.

One of the pertinent global-health-at-home topics at TJU relates to Latino immigrant health. Latino immigrants number more than 20,000 in Philadelphia. They are located throughout the city, although the highest concentrations are in North and South Philadelphia. With respect to health care, Latino immigrants are less likely to have a regular health care provider than non-immigrant Latinos.

Education to provide culturally sensitive care to Latino immigrants is vital to establish longer-lasting patient-doctor partnerships and decrease the number of Latino immigrants without a regular health care provider. iCE is an attempt to provide that education by stepping out of the lecture hall and assigned readings, and instead allowing students to engage with the material at their own pace.

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An Interactive Curricula Experience (iCE) for Latino Immigrant Health, CWIC-PH, College within a college, Thomas Jefferson University, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Jefferson College of Population Health


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An Interactive Curricula Experience (iCE) for Latino Immigrant Health