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Martin Rehfuss Fellow: Gary Lattimer, M.D.

Second Year(PG-3):

Robert Altschuler, M.D.

Salvatore Girardo, M.D.

William Heim, M.D.

John Keveney, M.D.

Thomas Kiernan, M.D.

Dean Kinsey, M.D.

Steven Friedman, M.D.

Sander Levinson, M.D.

Richard Lutes, M.D.

Vincent Randazzo, M.D.

Nicholas Ruggiero, M.D.

Bruce Samuels, M.D.

Bahu Shaikh, M.D.

Joel Taubin, M.D.

First Year(PG-2):

Vichai Atichartakarn, M.D.

James Baird, M.D.

John Battaglia, M.D.

Arnold Boyer, M.D.

Susan Cowchock, M.D.

Ronald Cantor, M.D.

Arturo Ferreira, M.D.

Joseph Fisher, M.D.

Wolfgang Guenther, M.D.

Joseph Kestner, M.D.

Warren Lambright, M.D.

John McDevitt, M.D.

Eliseo Pascual, M.D.

Calvin Weisberger, M.D.


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