Breast-fed low birth weight premature infants: A description of nutritional intake in the first six months of life
Ksenia Zukowsky, Thomas Jefferson University

DATE: January 2007
SOURCE: Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews, vol. 7 no. 3 pp. 161-166

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This article has been peer reviewed. It is the final manuscript, prior to publication. The published version is available at Copyright © by Elsevier, Inc.


This is a secondary analysis of a larger project entitled "Breast-feeding Services for LBW Infants-Outcomes and Costs" (L. Brown, RN, Ph.D., Principal Investigator), funded by NINR at NIH, (NR 03881). The larger project was a randomized clinical trial, of women planning to breast-feed their LBW infant. The control group received routine breast-feeding care and an intervention group received a structured program of breast-feeding services provided by an advanced practice nurse.

Healthy premature LBW infants from the control group were selected as subjects for this secondary analysis. One question of this secondary analysis was to describe the nutrition of healthy premature LBW infants over time. A longitudinal prospective descriptive design was implemented collecting data from the same group of babies from birth to six month corrected age.

Fifty infants from the larger study fit the study criteria of healthy breast-feeding LBW premature infants. Nutritional intakes of these infants were described.