Jefferson Journal of Psychiatry


This pilot study defines the Conceptualization of Therapeutic Alliance (CTA) as the psychotherapist's internalized construct if his ideal patient-therapist relationship based on the principles if Therapeutic Alliance, Working Alliance, and Helping Alliance. The study measures the CTA if third year medical students (MS3s), third year psychiatry residents (PCY3s), and consultant supervising psychotherapists (CSs) utilizing Fiedler's Ideal Therapeutic Relationship Scale. The CTA profiles of each experimental group are correlated with Fiedler's Ideal Therapeutic Relationship. Variance in CTA profiles within each group is also calculated. Preliminary results if this small study (N = 24) show that CTA measurements if the PCY3 group correlate more closely with Fiedler's Ideal Therapeutic Relationship and demonstrate less group variance than the CTA measurements if the MS3 group. This demonstrates that psychiatric residency training may encourage development of a cohesive CTA among residents of a given training class. No supervisory effect on the development of CTA among residents is distinguished.

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