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There are few case reports in the literature which discuss psychiatric disturbances in patients with pseudohypoparathyroidism (PH P) (1,2). PHP is a disease characterized by an inadequate response to parathyroid hormone . Often these patients are obese with a short, stocky build and moon-shaped face. Mental retardation is present in as many as 10% of these patients; a reversible dementialike syndrome can also occur (2,3). In addition, Capgras' syndrome has been observed in pseudohypoparathyroid patients (1,2). In these last two reports the authors concluded that the psychosis was probably organically-based. Hay et al (I) noted in their case report that psychotic symptoms were correlated with EEG abnormalities; furthermore, remission of these symptoms was correlated with normalization of the EEG tracing.

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