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Faculty Advisor's Column


It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have been the Faculty Advisor for the Jefferson Journal of Psychiatry for the past 10 years. We began this resident written and edited journal in 1983 as a small in-house publication designed to encourage our residents to put their thoughts about patient care into written form. Since then we have grown considerably and now serve as the only national resident journal in medicine. Many people over the years have made this effort possible. I would like to pay special thanks to our generous and supportive sponsors and to the editorial boards which consisted of the members of the APA Committee of Residents and Fellows and Jefferson residents. I would like to express my particular appreciation to the Jefferson Chief Editors and their Assistants who devoted themselves to the considerable and time consuming task of publishing such a journal while also being quite busy as senior residents. Special thanks also go to the editorial assistants who have kept on top of the numerous details that go into producing such a journal. We are most indebted though to the many residents from programs through out the country who over the years have shared with us their clinical experiences through the articles they wrote.

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