Submissions from 1973


John Heysham Gibbon, Jr. Memorial Service, Francis C. Wood MD, Charles Fineberg MD, Katharine R. Sturgis MD, Rudolph C. Camishion MD, and Jonathan E. Rhoads MD

Submissions from 1939


Ezra Stiles Ely - Benefactor of Jefferson Medical College, Tom Bently Throckmorton

Submissions from 1914


George McClellan [1849-1913]: A Memoir read before the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, by J. Chalmers Da Costa, M.D., LL.D., Samuel D. Gross Professor of Surgery in Jefferson Medical College, J. Chalmers Da Costa M.D., LL.D.

Submissions from 1910


Samuel David Gross: Address by John Chalmers Da Costa, M.D., L.L.D., John Chalmers Da Costa M.D., L.L.D.


Samuel David Gross: The Lesson of His Life and Labors, William Williams Keen M.D.

Submissions from 1902


Memoir of J.M. Da Costa, M.D., LL.D: Read Before the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, November 5, 1902, J. C. Wilson M.D.

Submissions from 1879


Memoir of John Barclay Biddle, M.D., E. B. Gardette

Submissions from 1859


A Discourse Commemorative of the Late Professor T.D. Mütter, M.D., LL.D., Joseph Pancoast

Submissions from 1849


Biographical Notice of the Late George McClellan M.D. [1796-1847] by Samuel George Morton, M.D. read before the Philadelphia College of Physicians, September 4, 1849, Samuel George Morton M.D.

Submissions from 1847


Memoir of George McClellan, M.D. [1796-1847]: A Lecture Introductory to the Course of the Theory and Practice of Physic in the Medical Department of Pennsylvania College, for the Session of 1847-48. By W. Darrach, M.D., W. Darrach M.D.