Collaborative Healthcare: Interprofessional Practice, Education and Evaluation (JCIPE)

Author Guidelines

Jefferson InterProfessional Education Center (JCIPE) was established in 2007 with a mission to promote excellence in healthcare through interprofessional education and scholarship.

The Interprofessional Education and Care Newsletter is a peer reviewed tri-annual publication produced by JCIPE for faculty, health professionals and learners from diverse fields and backgrounds. It provides a forum to disseminate current information and innovative projects advancing interprofessional education, evaluation, research and practice in order to further this mission.


Manuscripts for the Interprofessional Education and Care Newsletter should highlight initiatives that are representative of collaborative interprofessional education and care and/or evaluation projects. The newsletter strongly encourages manuscripts that address exciting new innovations and rigorous evaluation for integrated models of education or care. For example, topics could include:

  • Innovative interprofessional education projects
  • Strategies to implement innovative interprofessional practice projects
  • Trends in interprofessional education and/or care/practice
  • Systems or policies influencing interprofessional education and/or care/practice
  • Collaborative models of care Interprofessional strategies for improving patient safety
  • Interprofessional strategies for enhancing patient-centered care
  • Evaluation of interprofessional education or care/practice
  • Other interprofessional education and care activities


Manuscripts should be organized with the following points in mind:

  • Language - use the word 'interprofessional' throughout the manuscript
  • Title - a running heading not exceeding 50 characters (including spaces) and accurately reflects content
  • Listing of authors and credentials. One corresponding author should be identified
  • Statement of the issue or problem addressed
  • Background - statement of importance/ relevance to interprofessional education or practice
  • Methodology - what was the intervention or what data was reviewed
  • Results
  • Conclusion (s) - supported by valid and reliable data (empirical) or appropriate documentation
  • Discussion - with emphasis on lessons learned
  • Implications on Interprofessional Education and/or Practice

Manuscripts should be 500-600 words - two to three typed double-spaced pages. Longer manuscripts will be returned to the author without review.

Previously published manuscripts or abstracts will not be accepted.


Please include references in the AMA style. For excerpts of the manual and frequently asked questions, you may refer to: http://www.amamanualofstyle.com/oso/public/index.html.

Correct reference numbering, formatting and complete citations are the responsibility of the author. The managing editor will request that authors revise references if they are incorrect or improperly formatted. A maximum of four references will be accepted.

Please do not use the automated reference feature in Word as this makes it very difficult to edit and format for printing.


The editorial board welcomes letters to the editors. Due to limited space, we cannot guarantee a letter will be published.


I. Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be emailed to the managing editor, Reena Antony () Please be sure to include complete contact information: name, credentials, title, affiliated institution, phone, and email.

II. Procedure

a) The managing editor reviews the initial submission. If the article needs any immediate attention or revisions, you will be contacted prior to review by the editorial board.

b) Manuscripts will be reviewed by members of the editorial board. If accepted or provisionally accepted for publication, the suggested edits will be summarized and the author will be contacted by the managing editor with the requested changes. You will be given a resubmission deadline at that time. Please note: The editorial board reserves the right to reject manuscripts viewed as not meeting the Interprofessional Education and Care Newsletter standards. Additionally, a manuscript accepted by the editorial board is not guaranteed for publication (due to space limitations or the need to showcase a particularly timely topic). Manuscripts accepted and ready for publication could take 3-6 months to appear in the Interprofessional Education and Care Newsletter, depending on the production cycle. All manuscripts are kept on file and considered for future issues.


The Interprofessional Education and Care Newsletter are considered to be peer-reviewed. All Newsletter articles will be posted on Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC). JDC is a repository designed to showcase faculty, staff and student work. Articles posted on JDC can easily be located through a GoogleTM search. For more information on JDC, refer to http://jdc.jefferson.edu/.