Dr. Skoufalos is Vice Chair for Education and Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy at Jefferson Medical College. She is responsible for all of the department’s educational programs and conferences, advisory boards, and publications (including four scholarly journals and the Health Policy Newsletter). Dr. Skoufalos also serves on the Jefferson CME Committee. Prior to joining Jefferson, Dr. Skoufalos was Senior Manager of Organizational Development for Bancroft NeuroHealth, a provider of specialized services for individuals with developmental disabilities and neurological impairments. During her tenure there, she retained primary responsibility for leadership and management development, new staff orientation and recertification training. She also organized professional conferences, served as the organization’s director of continuing education and administrator for its corporate university program.

Dr. Skoufalos received her doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Her dissertation work focused on employee retention strategies for direct support professionals in the disabilities services field. She holds a Master’s degree in Management and Administration of Education Programs (Nova Southeastern University) and a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education (Temple University). She recently completed work with the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration as part of the National Training Institute for Frontline Supervisors, a training and demonstration project aimed at increasing employee retention and satisfaction.

The majority of her professional efforts over the past ten years have been devoted to developing and delivering specialized training and education programs for managers, paraprofessionals, and medical and behavioral health professionals.

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