As Associate Dean for Strategic Development, Dr. Skoufalos is responsible for facilitating strategic external partnerships and collaborative initiatives for JCPH. In her role as Executive Director of the College’s Center for Population Health Innovation, she leads the team that implements the college’s professional development activities, including expert panel roundtables, specialized training programs, conferences and symposia. Dr. Skoufalos also oversees JCPH’s external communications, including the college’s affiliated peer-reviewed journals and newsletters, website, blog and social media. In addition to her responsibilities at JCPH, she serves as co-chair of the Steering Committee for the Jefferson Office of Continuing Professional Development, is a member of the enterprise Innovation Evaluation Committee, and serves on the Academic Advisory Committee for Jefferson’s Institute of Emerging Health Professions.

Dr. Skoufalos served as co-editor of Practicing Medicine in the 21st Century (2006), Medical Quality Management: Theory and Practice (2009), Health Care Quality: The Clinician’s Primer (2012) and, most recently, Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness (2nd edition, 2016). She has been the primary author of articles and editorials related to medical education, quality improvement, patient education and engagement, and staff recruitment and retention. She is an Associate Editor for American Journal of Medical Quality, and serves on the editorial board of Population Health Management.

Dr. Skoufalos holds a doctorate in Education, with a specialization in Organizational Leadership, and a Master’s degree in Management and Administration of Education Programs from Nova Southeastern University. Her undergraduate degree, from Temple University, is in Education and Communications.

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